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Is It Not Nifty? is the first Sluggy Freelance book. In it we meet Torg, Riff, Bun-bun, Zoë, Aylee, Sam and Kiki for the first time. Notable topics encountered in book 1 are bikini suicide-frisbee, the dimentional flux agitator, Riff's mom and Bun-bun's feud with Santa Claus.

Chapter 1: Is It Not Nifty?[]

In which satan possesses a computer
In which Bun-bun joins the cast
In which Bun-bun fights to remain the strip's cute talking animal
In which demons are summoned for fun and profit.
In which Torg and Riff enjoy some sports and first meet Zoe.

Chapter 2: The Sci-fi Adventure[]

In which Riff and Torg Travel to the dimension of science fiction cliches.
In which Riff and Torg impersonate trained professionals.
In which Riff and Torg are hunted by a hungry alien for the very first time.

Chapter 3: Holiday Seasons[]

In which Bun-bun steals candy from children while the gang goes to a party.
In which Bun-bun takes part in cosmetic animal testing.
In which Zoe gets a job in show buisness.
In which PETA stops by for dinner.
In which zombies attack!
In which many running gags are born.
In which Zoe has too much to drink.

Chapter 4: The Slug-Files[]

In which Torg goes on a blind date... with someone from the Internet.
In which an old friend returns.
In which Aylee and Bun-bun fight.
In which the gang take a trip to Vermont for skiing and a psychotherapy seminar.
In which an alien learns to drive, or at least what not to do.
In which the government cracks down on illegal aliens.

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