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Aylee comes home with shoes for Gwynn, who is afraid to leave the house. Aylee refers to an old friend of Gwynn, Lacey.

Torg has found out that Gwynn and Aylee are under surveillance from two different groups. He goes by them disguished as a pizza delivery man. One of the surveillants, a girl with long hair named N'aaaw, is explained to be part of the bug cult. She calls to Lacey, her boss at the bug-organization. The other group is Hereticorp. A panel shows that N'aaaw can transform to having an enormous toothy mouth and strong arms, and is ready to eat the Hereticorp men.

Aylee escaps with Gwynn by flying to a nearby rooftop. There Torg shows that Zoe and Riff are indeed still alive. Gwynn responds strangely. It is revealed that she is not Gwynn.

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