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Interweb With the Vampire explains what became of Sam after fleeing the Vrykolakas in Boys' Night Out.


Sam, who has not had any success making any converts to the "Sam Cirkail, Mamajama", arrives at what he thinks is a warehouse to access a computer. He wants to get online to a simulated pet-world in order to purchase something for his stuffed ferret "Kiki Two". He is unable to get what he wants (due to insufficient online funds), but soon finds Torg online via Grab-All search. They chat for a while, and Sam tells Torg that he hasn't expanded his circle of vampires at all because he forgot the process for turning humans. He's also still being pursued by the Vrykolakas Circle and that evading them is difficult because they are everywhere.

While chatting via Grab-All, Sam informs Torg that the Grab-All search engine gathers all of a person's information and posts it online for anyone to look up. This becomes a problem when Sam relays his location during the chat (a warehouse in St. Paul, MN) which is immediately picked up by the vampires still pursuing him. Some vampires arrive at a warehouse in St. Paul, but luckily for Sam he got mixed up with the states' abbreviations. Instead of being in Minnesota he is in Michigan, and the vampires chasing him are all killed when they accidentally run into a group of vampire hunters. The story ends with Sam finding out that the building he's in is not a warehouse, but rather a house of ill repute.

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