IX: City of the Dead
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The city of Mohkadun is now prey to the dead. Kozoaku poisened all inhabitants to have them rise as his servants. Gwynn is imprisoned and the king demands that she love him, under punishment of torture and death, but in the end doesn't go through with this as he still loves her too much. She is escorted back to her cell by Asahn. The undead wives of the king try to kill Gwynn, but she fends them off with her magic. Then she notices a magic egg, makes Asahn break it, and Asahn gets a large fist to hit the queens with.

Dunuloa is back with a plan. Gwynn kisses Kron.

Farahn meets Kozoaku for his end of the bargain: a weapon that can kill a demigod. Kozoaku created a portal to the nifty dimension, the never where Kozoaku was trapped in, and from that never a sword arrives that can kill Kron.

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