Back in the present. The gang is in a hotel discussing whether Gwynn is crazy or really possessed by the queen. Zoe tells that Gwynn asked to pack sensible shoes, so everyone is convinced she is not Gwynn. [I'll call her Siphy now, even though she's in the body of Gwynn] Aylee explains that she spent a year re-learning Gwynn/Siphy English: she thought that Gwynn was simply drunk and took so long to sober up. Sam, Bun-bun, Kiki and the zombie-head show up. Siphy is shocked to see Bun-bun, who she identifies as the God of Power. Riff contacts his father by e-mail to ask about the necklace and this time receives a response (with surprise that Riff is still alive).

Siphy explains the backstory of the gods with the help of a salt and pepper shaker. The One created Prozoato the creator and Kozoaku the destroyer. P created stuff and K destroyed it every time (causing all ancient catastrophes like the end of the dinosaurs). Then one time P created a spark with a very smart being. The One blessed it with great power, and it became Krohnus the Time-father. Krohnus created a web between P and K which would guide the fate of all and keep K at bay until the appointed time. K broke free and destroyed everything again. But Krohnus was spared and now created a web in which K's fate was weaved, and K was imprisoned in the first city of Mohkadun. K tempted humans to side with him, the end again. Siphy is close to explaining the current timespark that she originated from, but is interrupted by bickering from the gang. Zoe realizes that Kozoaku without the vowels would be spelled K'Z'K. 

Riffs father Wilcott Wilden (Will) shows up. They need to go to Tunesia where the pyramid of Mohkadun is. Downstairs in the lobby they run into N'aaaw who transforms.

III: A Father's Tears
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