Gwynn, in the body of Siphy, pretends to be crazy so Farahn will leave her alone. It has been explained that Siphy is Farahns sixteenth and favorite wife. Elder Scholar Soco has taught her the language of Mohkadun and believes her story of being from the future.

Gwynn sneaks out to meet with Kron, who takes her to the basement of the temple. He explains that because he used forbidden magic, things are going wrong. His father, Krohnus, created the gods of Happiness, Power, and Justice to fill the needs of mankind, but these gods are failing now and people are turning to Kozoaku. Because Farahn and humans were mad at Kron, Krohnus had to step in to protect Kron. Farahn thereafter turned his allegiance to the god of Justice, then executed families that remained loyal to Krohnus. Now the people turn to Kozoaku to oust Farahn.  

Kron explains that the symbol of the city is two pyramids on top of each other, the pyramid of gods (upside down) above the pyramid of people, which represents: gods above, man below. 

Kron believes it should be reversed, man above, gods as servants of men.

Back with Elder Soco he tries to explain Gwynn sensational discoveries, such as the true origin of the gods who are older than anyone would beleve, but Gwynn is bored and doesn't listen. 

Soco explains that Farahn wanted Wyntiti executed but the bard Maloufou rescued her. Then their families were executed, which sparked a rebellion led by Maloufou. Soco tells Gwynn that science operates within the web, but magic works outside the web and alters it in subtle ways and in great catastrophic ways. Soco realises that if Gwynn is from the future that this spark can't yet end and K'Z'K cannot win. But what if Gwynn is from the next spark. 

Gwynn tells Soco that in her future Kozoaku is named K'Z'K to be unpronouncable. Soco sees a solution in changing Kozoaku's name and bind him to a scroll. 

Symachus is coaching Farahn in chanting Kozoaku's name to summon him. [So it seems everyone is summoning Kozoaku!] Bugs appear.

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