I: The Stable Girl
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cient Mohkadun. Wyntiti, a stable girl, is in love with Kron, the son of the time-god Krohnus and a mortal woman. Maloufo, her boss at the stables, sings a song which makes clear that he is at the end of a love-chain (butt-end of a moron-parade, he says), in which he loves Wintiti who loves Kron who loves Siphiniana who loves Farahn who loves Siphiniana in turn. Wintiti is oblivious to all this. When cleaning the stables of queen Syphiana, she and Maloufo peek on Kron visiting Siphaniana, transforming her into a camel using the necklace that Gwynn will have in the future. Thereby he can sneak her out of the palace. Maloufo wants to inform the king Farahn. Wyntiti follows Kron and the camel.

Later Wyntiti and Maloufo report to the king. Kron undid the spell when they were in the jungle, but Siphaniana attacked Kron, kneeing him, while speaking a foreign language. The king orders his men to find the queen and bring her back. It is made clear that the king is a cruel man, but loves his wife very much. The god of Justice, Symachus, enters and talks to the king.

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