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Homecoming is the first story in chapter 25 of Sluggy Freelance, Changes. Riff, Torg, and Bun-bun return home after their foray into the Punyverse, but everything has changed in the months they were away. Aylee has bought the whole apartment complex and turned it into office space and employee apartments, so the three have no homes. No one even sees Aylee these days. Zoë could no longer college without her scholarship, so she now visits one at home in Nebraska, where she also visits her family. She first thinks her mother has seen her tattoo, but that turn out to be a misunderstanding (and embarrasing for Zoë). She also meets Clem, a guy she once went on a single date with and who now thinks he is her beau. Yet she finds her life is becoming normal, and she's relieved to hear that Torg and Riff are home safe.

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