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Home for the Holidays is the last plot-related story in Perspective. It deals with Torg and the others re-integrating into the apartment and planning their next move.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The story begins with Kiki and Torg talking, with Kiki saying that even though Minion Master was evil, she missed being taken care of daily. She soon forgets this when Torg shows her the fridge that hasn't been emptied out yet. Sasha leaves to go get new supplies. Sam then appears, even though it is still light out, and begs for advice on his upcoming date with Sasha. Meanwhile Kiki taunts Bun-Bun about his scars (which have healed) which prompts hime into chasing her with an improvised flamethrower. Sam and Torg come up with different destinations for the date, each one playing out horribly in Sam's mind. He eventually decides to take Sasha to a movie.

Shortly afterward Aylee returns, revealing that she's been adapting well to life with Gwynn learning more about being human and about shoes. She gives them Gwynn's regards and some shoes as gifts. She is also looking for work as a secretary. Sasha then asks Aylee for advice on her date, but Aylee can't offer anything. Bun-Bun also begins setting up bear traps to attack Santa. Sam arrives and flies off with Sasha for their date, with Torg and Bun-Bun taking bets on how it'll turn out. Torg then goes to Crystal's bar to drown his sorrows, only to fall victim to one of her infamous drinks.

After he gets back Sasha returns, soaking wet and miserable. It is revealed that over the course of the evening Sam had seen and been repelled by every holy symbol he ran into. (including Justin Bieber) This culminated in her being dropped in a marsh and then being brought back. Sam was in tears after this, and fears it was her fault. Torg promises to talk to him and follows her out. Before this he leaves a wrapped beer bottle in an empty room, giving Riff his yearly beer for Christmas and asking him to bring Zoë back to him.

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