The Hereti-Corp logo

A shadowy corporate organization that funds questionable scientific research and has its hand in a large number of conspiracies. It was created in the 60s by Steven Hereti [1]. After Riff destroyed their Aylee-Clone project and Gwynn revealed their evil for all to see, the corporation was reduced to shambles. However, its highest-ranking officers survived and took up jobs at Burger Meister, using that as a springboard to resurrect their company, eventually taking the company over. Thanks to Gennaro's secret cheese recipe, they have rebuilt a new business empire out of the House of Cheese pizza franchise, which is a major financial success; House of Cheese uses the Hereti-Corp "hC" logo, with the intention of provoking Oasis into repeated Override B-1 rampages so they can track her. They are now aiming at "reclaiming lost programs" and possibly targeting the K'Z'K cult.

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Riff leaves Hereti-Corp

Hereti-Corp starts selling pizza

Marcus Chen is arrested as CEO of Hereti-Corp [2]