Hellos and Goodbyes
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Hellos and Goodbyes is the seventh story in chapter 30 of Sluggy Freelance, Dangerous Days Ahead. With Riff without a job, Aylee's company linked to Hereti-Corp and thus Torg's bank accounts frozen, the gang is short on money. In addition, Bert has "moved out" without actually moving out, and Aylee is constantly hungry and eats everything. Sasha leaves, gifting Riff a new DFA. However, someone else appears as a new roommate - Zoë. Though Torg is initially conflicted, he doesn't really voice any concerns. The remains of the Hereti-Corp board under Daedalus, including a new Kusari, have joined a Burger Meister, working to revive Hereti-Corp.

The 5th anniversary comic occurs during this episode. It fell on a Sunday, the day typically reserved (at that time) for extended length color comics, and so the comic was written showing each character with their parallel plotlines in animated flash panels, with the reader advancing panel by panel, culminating in Zoë's return.

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