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Halloween Week is the first story in chapter 3 of Sluggy Freelance, Holiday Seasons. In it, Zoë decides to join Torg and Riff at a Halloween party in their complex thrown by Sam (in his first appearance). She chooses to go as a French maid, hoping to get a reaction out of the guys, but they are upset because Torg had the same costume. Riff dresses as a vampire, and Torg changes into a clown outfit. Nothing can be seen at the party at first because the smoke machine's output level can't be controlled. Sam is dressed as Ghostface from the Scream movies, and Aylee shows up at the party in a Southern belle dress.

Meanwhile, Bun-bun has been left in charge of handing out candy back at Torg's place. He hides inside the head of a mannequin of Torg and uses the disguise to mug trick-or-treaters for their candy. He heads to Sam's party to hide from the cops, and flips the head back on the clockjerk dude to expose his own head, making a policeman believe he is wearing a "shrunken-bunny-head costume." In jail, a seemingly insane inmate can see a ghost, who says that Torg belongs to her. The ghost, however, is frightened away by the arrival of Torg's lawyer, who is in turn frightened when Torg says that he's broke.

Because Torg was at the party at the time of the candy hold-ups, there were plenty of witnesses, and Torg is subsequently released from jail. Sam shows up at Torg and Riff's apartment looking for Zoë. Despite her efforts to avoid him, he finds her and asks her out. After a lame excuse fails, she rejects his offer and he leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, Torg devises a way to get rid of Bun-bun. He creates a sock puppet called Mr. Sock Lop, who "bites" people's butts in town. As a result, Bun-bun is taken away by animal services.

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