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Halloween is the sixth story in chapter 25 of Sluggy Freelance, Changes. It is time for another Halloween party, and thus another demonic incursion. The demon, or demons, are Isp and Osp, the two asps on a serpentine female body. Torg and Riff have rather inadequate anti-demon preparations this year, and in addition, the horribly changed Aylee is also coming. When Riff's first traps do little to hinder the demon, he tries to trick Aylee into battling it by throwing a pie at her. However, Torg and the demon fell through a trapdoor opened by a ghost. In the basement, the demonic asps are incapacitated, and Torg can communicate with the body, learning it is called Mosp. When they come to, the asps don't realize that Mosp is a seperate entity at first, and Mosp does not against Torg. They are returned to the Dimension of Pain at dawn. Upstairs, Aylee goes on a rampage, seemingly killing everyone in the house. When only Riff is left, she paralyzes him and reveals that this is what she did to the other guests as well, and that she wanted to show Riff that she can kill him easily. The next time, she says, she will put away her 'kid gloves'.

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