Halloween is a holiday.

Parties[edit | edit source]

The Halloween parties thrown by the gang are legendary, or were. They haven't thrown one in a while.

  • 1997—Sam Sein throws the first party. Featured Aylee incognito, Clockjerk Torg, and a police bust.
  • 1998—Sam has been turned into a vampire, so Torg and Riff take over the party. Featured Reakk, both Clockjerk Dudes, and a Rogaine-powered smoke machine.
  • 1999—Featured the homicidal ghost of Squeekybobo, Chaz, and Riff's Laser Cannon. The next day Kiki went supersonic.
  • 2000—Featured Psyk wielding the Demon Spear Calmadar, Riff's Demon Blaster, the Demon Hunter Steve Uozin, and Sasha's introduction. Got event of the year.
  • 2001—Featured Isp and Osp, Cloney, and Kusari. Cloney paralyzed everyone at the party. Torg fell through a trap door and Mosp was introduced. The costumes were Diablo-themed. Got event of the year again.
  • 2002—Featured Horribus (co-opted by Gwynn's magic), Beth, Aylee, and Sam. $20 cover, because the gang was broke. Torg, Riff, Zoë, and Bert were in Wispydale for Kitten 2.
  • 2003—Occurred during Bun-Bun's Holiday Wars while Kiki was in charge of Halloween. Featured cuteness and Chibi Reakk. Guests felt ripped off and formed an angry mob that succumbed to sugar. The costumes were superhero-themed.

Dimension of Pain[edit | edit source]

From 1998 through 2003, demons from the Dimension of Pain came to Torg's Halloween parties to attempt to steal his soul. They were able to do this because the barriers between the Dimension of Pain and Torg's dimension weaken at Halloween. In 2004, the Dimension of Pain came under new management and this practice stopped.

Land of Halloween[edit | edit source]

Like the other holidays, Halloween has a physical location. Halloween and its armies are locked behind the Obsidian Gate (later, the Obsidian Cage), ruled over by the Pumpkinheaded King. His predecessor was Basphomy, who was eventually removed from power by the Holiday Council.

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