Lady gwynn

Lady Gwynn of the Book of the Dimension of Lame is that alternate reality's counterpart to Gwynn. She is a powerful witch, having gained the full equivalent of the powers sometimes given to Gwynn by her connection to the Book of E-Ville. She was an important ally to Torg during his second stay in the dimension and its demonic invasion.

As all natives of the Dimension of Lame, Lady Gwynn is inevitably too nice for her own good. Her personality is however perhaps more fully accounted for by the dimension's secondary aspect of sometimes being the reverse of the normal dimension of Sluggy. Whereas the Gwynn we all know and may even love is often superficial, conflicted, ill-tempered and prone to anger and even violence, Lady Gwynn is typically thoughtful, philosophical, serene and gentle. Though she shares the limitations of thought of the other inhabitants of the dimension, such as having no concept of a lesser evil, she seems the closest to having sufficient metacognitive skills to perceive them.

Lady Gwynn looks predictably nearly identical to Gwynn. Her face is much more gentle simply because she shares virtually none of the moods and attitudes typically seen reflected on Gwynn's, and she needs no glasses at any time. The latter is because of her having "become one" with the Book of Ro'thar-Niece[1], paralleling Gwynn's relationship with the Book of E-Ville and what may yet become of her because of it. What exactly this becoming one means is not clear, but it gives Lady Gwynn considerable magical powers, naturally more inclined towards healing or at their most offensive picking up demons and carefully putting them down somewhere else than the kind of thing Gwynn's powers might do. It seems that, somehow, Lady Gwynn is the Book, and that on the inside she is full of leaves of the book or strips of paper, some of whose contents involve a written exposition of what is happening around her[2]. This may have to do with why she seems regretful about her condition.


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