Gwynn's monkeys were three "evil face monkeys" (so called because of their vicious attack habits) that Gwynn ordered from eBay. She meant to use their organs in a ritual from the Book of E-Ville to improve her eyesight, but became attached to them and regarded them as pets after she accidently enchanted to attack anyone who angered her. At one point Bun-bun also kidnapped them and conditioned them to attack anyone holding eleven items in some odd, abortive scheme to make "all of America pay" (one dollar per person, giving him "almost three hundred million"[1], although actually the population of the United States had just officially exceeded 300,000,000 a couple of months earlier[2]).

When Aylee re-emerged from her long-time encocoonment in 2007 in a gigantic form that destroyed Kesandru House on emerging, Gwynn gave the monkeys to her coworker Jane at Zomblebees to have her mokey-training brother have care of them while Gwynn went into hiding. Unfortunately, Jane turned out to be a real zombie who kept her brother in a drawer and ate the monkeys.

Early on, Dr. Schlock pretended that Gwynn's "monkeys" was her pet name for her breasts, a joke that spread to Torg and Riff, resulting in misunderstandings and general hilarity during the "Ten Minutes at a Party" storyline.

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