The Groundhog's Shadow is the patron of Groundhog's Day. It was originally a shade in Halloween before getting its own holiday. Bun-bun summoned it with the Book of E-Ville in hopes of removing his Easter patronage, but Torg accidentally bound it to Bun-bun with an ambient halogen light. It mostly tortured Bun-bun with poorly sung karaoke and Oprah Winfrey before 2002's misguided attempt to save Santa Claus revealed to Bun-bun the value of holidays. The shadow then became Bun-bun's main source of information on holidays. It was briefly given solidity when Bun-bun acquired a majority of the holidays. The shadow foolishly slew 2003 seconds before the year ended, forcing Bun-bun to use the Deus Ex Ovum to save his own life. The Deus Ex Ovum returned the shadow back to its original groundhog. During the Wayang Kulit chapter, Bun-bun attempts to find the book of the same name in order to summon and got a revenge against the groundhog's shadow for ruining his plans and forcing him to wander for years in the Timeless Space. After a long mental battle with Torg and Kiki, Bun-bun succeeds in getting the book, but to his dismay, he soon finds out that he needs to speak Indonesian to use the book, destroying any change of getting revenge against the shadow.

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