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green is the fifth story in chapter 35 of Sluggy Freelance, Magic Flap. Torg is jealous that Zoë is dating Leo and convinces himself that he wants Bun-bun to kill Leo. Gwynn is jealous that Zoë has a boyfriend, and almost tries to seduce Torg. When Torg sees Zoë in the same dress she wore on their ill-fated date for a date with Leo, he, Bun-bun, and Nana Avarre stalk Leo and Zoë, and later Leo alone. The worst Torg does, however, is throwing doilies at Leo, with a coupon for free teeth-cleaning at Nana Avarre's practice (which Kent receives). Bun-bun shows Torg a photo from Zoë date with Leo, and Torg realizes that Zoë put on a different, green, dress shortly before the date.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Horribus defies the members of DAMNED, and moves to battle the Angel of Goodness. Since he cannot enter the Dimension of Pain directly, he follows the Demon King's advice and moves into the Dimension of Grief, ruled by Horribus' sister Deplora.

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