Godhounds are resident creatures of Never who has the habit of consuming souls and rayths alike.


Not much is know about their origins, though Creepser mentions that they where send by gods to, presumably, set order in the middle of the chaos found in Never. Unfortunately, the stupid and gluttony creatures come to attack and consume any being that they see ahead, and also developed the delusion that they themselves are gods. Because of their insanity, Rithuly keeps them out of Raythdom, being one of the most feared creatures of Never


Godhounds appear to be spectral quadrupeds that strongly resemble a mix of a dragon with a dog, with large wings that serve as front paws when retreated. They aren't very intelligent beings, impulsively attacking anyone who cross their vision and believing themselves to be gods simply because they where send to the Never by gods, though some seem to be wise and/or sane enough to at last criticize such idea as they didn't has worshipers to begin with (in their first appearance, one of them claimed to had be worshiped in ancient times, but the same godhound that questioned their "divine" nature notices that the said "divinity" can no longer be called a god because he devoured his worshipers).

Being fast and vicious, the godhounds can consume any kind of spiritual beings they see ahead, though rayths are skilled in magic and can use that to defend themselves from godhounds. Carnal beings, on the other hand, are "extra-solid", or essentially more dense in Never, and can easily harm and hold off them. Unfortunately, their teeth and claws are sharp enough to profoundly pierce flesh, a thing that still make them quite deadly.