The Goddess of Goodness was the representative of all that was good in the dimension that was turned into the Dimension of Pain. She spent eons trapped in a bag in the Demon King's fridge following her defeat at his hands.

She gets freed from there in the That Which Redeems II storyline where Torg broke into the Demon King's house and, with the help of an alternative Torg and Alt-Bun-bun, he perforated the plastic bag where the Goddess was contained and, after a long chase, they lured her to the Dimension of Lame where she was strengthened by it's inhabitants' good nature and permanently cast the demons out of there with a wink. She seems to be okay after that, but the Eons of imprisonment in the fridge caused to her brain damage and she became slightly stupid (or brain freeze was she claims to be).

Despite being the personification of the goodness, she isn't nearly as "pure" as the Dimension of Lame's inhabitants, evident when by her willingness to use profanity when angry or surprised (being the only character to be capable of doing so in the Dimension without it being censored in middle of air, likely due to the fact that she is a supernatural being) and more notable, though she gets stronger by the innocence of the Dimension of Lame, even she thinks that this kind of goodness to be annoying. She also is capable to use violence for what she believes that's necessary, even displaying eagerness to declare war to the Dimension of Pain after being strengthened until Torg points out that such thing is no longer needed (and that her chances to convince the peaceful people of the Dimension of Lame to fight is slim at best).

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