Girls' Night Out
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Girls' Night Out is the first story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. Torg invents a new game, Gravitational Dart Ninjas (originally meant to be Ceiling Darts, but they didn't stick). Gwynn and Zoë go clubbing, and Gwynn accidentally turns Zoë into a camel and gets herself thrown out. While Gwynn sneaks back into the club to find Zoë, Riff and Torg try to get her back from Animal Services. Since Zoë isn't with Animal Services, the two also go to the club, which is operated by Tadius Greasenherr, alias international hacker Noah Zark. Zoë, restored to human by Gwynn, starts a plan to get everyone out of the club. In the process, Torg and Riff are tied to railway tracks, and Gwynn and Zoë introduced to Zark's mad plan to destroy humanity with explosive scooters, the Smegways. With the use of the Gravitational Dart Ninjas, Zoë's curse, and a bit of cheese Kiki stole, the girls escape from Zark's grasp and save the guys. Zark is arrested.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, the Demon King banishes Horribus for his failures... and working as the cameraman for Steve Uozin. Reakk wakes the Second Dragon of Annoyia. The demons try to hold an election for the demon lord position, with the candidates being Horribus' brother Terribus, and Reakk. The campaign does not start well for Reakk.

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