The head of Hereti-Corp R&D. A new recruit to Hereti-Corp, he killed his co-worker and boss at Burger Meister with a great-tasting but artery-hardening cheese pizza[1], and handed an improved non-fatal recipe to Daedalus, which is said to be the linchpin for rebirth. He originally worked in the Marketing division and was disgruntled to find he's outranked by two frogs ("I killed my boss and co-workers for this?") and later Dr. Schlock's balloon avatar. However, upon Dr. Schlock's gaining power in the company, Gennaro was promoted to the position Schlock would have otherwise held. He still become upset by the fact that Frog and Corsica, but after he become covered with flies (due to the failure of another pizza recibe) Corsica become attracted for him and become his new bussiness partner, a thing that Gennaro take full advantage of upon seeing how Frog become distrauged without her. Later, in Displacement story, Gennaro and Corsica go to Dr. Shankraft's island as a representative of Hereti-Corp to, alongside of several criminal masterminds and evil corporations, bought a space-matter displacement car, but numerous bizarre situations (provocated by Torg and his friends) make the car to sink into the earth's core and be lost forever. Gennaro than confronted Shankraft with a small laptop showing Kusari who promptly offers Gennaro's position to Shankraft while promoting Gennaro to the "frog wrangler" job, wich he quickly and delightfully accepts as he no longer is a subordinated of Frog and Corsica (Hanz[Shankrat's second in comand] couldn't help but cites that a frog is a more competent boss than Shankraft.) "Sluggy Freelance: 12/17/2009".

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