Gahad Dan-Met was a member of Hereti-Corp, seen at the board meetings.

Following the initial downfall of Hereti-Corp in August, 2002, Dan-Met's was briefly with Kusari, Roberts and Daedalus as they attempted to rebuild Hereti-Corp from within Burger Meister.

For unknown reasons, she became separated from that group. In August of 2005, Daedalus was searching for her from within "Burgermiester East Regional Headquarters", and Roberts reported, "There's no sign of her, Daedalus. News is sketchy on some incident at a Clonegressive facility."

Several days later, Kusari, after researching Dan-Met's fate, responds to Daedalus' question, "Have you brought any news of the fate of Dan-Met?" by showing him a torn piece of paper with a Chilus Cult logo on it. Immediately following are two newspaper headlines - "Tragedy at Clonesgressive, LLC" and "Organic Rocketship Burns Up on Reentry...Kills 28 Aboard, No Survivors".

Subsequently (in August, 2006), the reconstituted Hereti-Corp board refers to her as a "fallen comrade" (while also showing the Chilus cult emblem.

From all these clues, it appears that Dan-Met was at Clonegressive, LLC, when the geek infection was loosed, and there is a "geek zombie" of her appearance seen during those events. It is not known whether Dan-Met was working for Clonegressive, or there as part of the sales pitch on the zombie bugs that apparently started the incident. One of the detectives Zoë tells her story to at the end of the event says, "Right before we got there a rocketship made of mucus and unidentifiable bits burst through the roof..." He also reported seeing "No people, no corpses and no bugs."

Given all of these clues, it seems that the "zombie geeks" at Clonegressive made a rocketship, which Dan-Met was on, and was subsequently destroyed on reentry.

Dan-Met is thus presumed dead as of August 5, 2005.


2001-11-11 Dan-Met at a Hereti-Corp Board Meeting
2002-08-24 Dan-Met at a Burgermeister Board Meeting
2005-07-17 Zombie-Geek Dan-Met in first two panels
2005-08-07 Zoë reports the Clonegressive Incident to the police, who mention the rocket ship
2005-08-18 Daedalus desires news of Dan-Met, "Employee of the Month"
2005-08-21 Kusari brings news; headlines of rocket ship's destruction
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