A random frog in a sewer, he received sapience and fluency in English by eating one of the Clonegressive Mindswarm bugs[1]. He reacted to his newfound abilities by shouting "Good job, God! Granting self awareness to something that LIVES IN THE PLUMBING!".

Following Hereti-Corp's investigation, Frog was found and became their Marketing head. Frog have been the most vocal H-C board member, with the others having rather brooding and withdrawn personalities. He eventually become so influencial in the H-C organisation that when Gennaro was given the "frog wrangler" position he considered it a promotion from being head of research and development.

Frog's personal assistant is fellow (non-sentient) frog Corsica, in which he has a strong an jealous love interest. Frog was one of the few Hereti-Corps board members to survive Kusaris rampage following Chens treachery.

An alternative version of Frog exist in the Dimension of Rain.


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