Feder is a pirate in Timeless Space in the Oceans Unmoving storyline. Formerly under Donaly's command, he typically worked with the dim-witted Jaspers, a co-worker from a time-jumping ship's programming team. He seized Bun-bun and Blacksoul's fall into the Oceans Unmoving as an opportunity to take command of the Bloody Bun, and collaborated with Lady Noga when her skiffs arrived, to the detriment of everyone else (the adults will be killed, and the children will be eaten). After being ten seconds too late in securing a possession of the escaping crew (to be used as a spell reagent), Feder was forced to hang on to a rope as Red 5 took off after Red 3. He followed Red 3 to Teknokon One and fired a laser rifle in the fight for Teknokon One. He mortally wounded Honest Stu but was killed when Calix hit him with a throwing axe.

Feder first appeared on February 17, 2005. He died on February 24, 2006.

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