Epilogue 2: The Turn
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In the house with the dune buggy on the roof Gwynn awakenes from a nightmare (Siphy trying to summon K'Z'K because she wants Farahn back. Riff shows her a picture of Wilcott, Qaboos and a guy he calls Tombsy. He says Tombsy had a daughter who was a great shot but a terrible pilot. He doesn't understand why his father did betray them.

Gwynn says that she saw all of the bug's plan. He planned to have the scroll end up in the hands of Riff's father or a similarly suitable candidate. The scroll listed lots of historical events and predicting these although it was old. The last event shown was the release of K'Z'K, promising gifts to the orchestrator of the release: safety for loved ones and possibly also godhood. Gwynn asks whether he would do this to keep his loved ones safe. Riff categorically says no, but hesitates. Gwynn speculates whether there is also some family-line connection between her and Siphy.