Epilogue 1: The River
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Macha (the son of Symachus) is old now and is telling stories to children, a mix-up of events from the past. Maloufo interrupts him, now old. He explains what happened in the past (but softens it; pencil drawings show the harsh reality). Dunuloa handed him the scroll to protect. The bug tried to seduce him to release Kozoaku, threatening that one by one they would succumb to madness. First was the mother of Macha, lost in the desert (actually killed by Maloufo), Symachus following the same fate. Siphaniana wanted to take the scroll so Maloufo killed her too. Bast, the servant of Dunuloa, appeared then and says the blood on Maloufo's hands shows his worthiness and says he should follow the sun to the river where they'll be safe. They mingled there with the tribes. Asahn took the scroll and all remnants of Mohkadun to hide so everyone would forget them. The people from Mohkadun interbred with the Egyptians. He says that Macha may if he want go after Ashan (but seems to threaten to kill him if he would do so).

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