Epilogue 3: The Flop
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In the tower of the fate-web a fate-spider, Bini, openes a sarcophagus containing Googol, the first fate-spider, who is awoken for two hours every fifty years to check on things. Googol speaks to Tempest through the hat, saying that they won, and that bun-bun didn't do very much. Tempest says that the rallying cry of Sluggy Freelance worked out pretty well. The tangle, however, is still there. Googol was wakened 20 years too early because he needed to be in the loop. Fate-spider Carl says he was mistaken in thinking he could walk away from his job as fate-spider. The tangle is wound so tight that the omega pillar is starting to crack. If the pillars of reality fall, no more sparks. Carl thinks Tempest is behind the tangle. He says that Sluggy Freelance is not what you thought it was about. He believes that the pillar of Poopypants (the destroyer) will fall and bring ruin.