Drake is a female Hereticorp agent who is teamed up with Tyler, whom she seems to be fond of. She has short curly hair and glasses. She used to work for Mayor McCreepy before joining Hereticorp.

Drake was first seen 20090317 responding with Ugh to Tyler who was admiring Kusari's legs.

She was next cast in the role of Conductor of the Hereticorp attack. See comic 20130124. She finds out Isabella is trying to escape , and monitors her later again .

The next time Drake and Tyler are executing the take-over of Grab-all, see comics in april 2015, where the zap the head elf .

Tyler gives Drake good advice to get out, in the Christmas party 2015 where Newguy is also present.

Drake and Tyler are involved with the Vampires as well, picking up Izzy (comic 20160215).

Things go wrong in 2016: Drake gets a so-called promotion which means she is no longer Tyler's partner . They botch up when Teresa is escaping and Drake is suspected of aiding Teresa . Drake's clearance is removed . Drake and Tyler seem to be in big trouble , or are they?

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