Dr. Steven Hereti was Oasis's (believed) creator and/or trainer, and founder of Hereti-Corp.

He was forced to leave the corporation he founded due to a hostile takeover by his own son, Daedalus. Dr. Steve vowed vengeance, stole the Oasis Project, and created his own compound in a forest. He was almost certainly killed when his compound self-destructed.

According to Oasis, Steven was a distant uncle of Oasis and adopted her at age seven, after her parents died in a freak accident (involving a bearded lady). In her childhood he experimented with mind control techniques on her, to no avail. Oasis had a rebellious period after Dr. Steve had her middle name legally changed to "experiment-number-one".

She returned to Dr. Steve when he told her that he could turn her into an olympic-class gymnast (as well as an assasin). This involved radical mind-control techniques and experimental surgery, which she voulontered for. After this, she seemed to be at Dr. Steves complete control. However, Oasis later claimed that this story was made up, at a point where she was seemingly again under Dr. Steve's control.

Later evidence seems to indicate that Oasis was placed in an orphanage by Orsintos Labs and brought to Hereti-Corp by Marcus Chen, and thus Oasis's recounting of her childhood with Dr. Steve was false.

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