Dr. Shankraft is an inventor and criminal genius who first appeared in the Displacement story arc.

Description[edit | edit source]

Shankraft's company apparently produces odd bits of technology that are sold off to the highest bidders. His base of operations was on a small island in the South Pacific. Crushestro stated that Dr. Shankraft was the only person he hated more than the Minion Master[1].

History[edit | edit source]

At some point in the timeline before his introduction, the Minion Master's minions stole Crushestro's stun ray designs and sold them to Shankraft[2]. Shortly after that Shankraft revealed his latest creation: the displacement drive vehicle and was planning to auction it off. Torg and his team arrived to steal the vehicle, but they were found out. Shankraft ordered a lockdown of his facility, trapping the other villains below with limited air. As he sat in his command tower gloating, Sam and ZHOAS arrived, tied him up, and stole the access card (disguised as a credit card) to the vehicle's hanger. Shankraft was forced to watch as, out of desperation, a NoFun representative mutated one of Shankraft's minions into a horrible monster. The mutant then destroyed the base, freeing the villains, slaughtering most of Shankraft's minions, and ruining Shankraft industries. After the dust settled Shankraft was approached by Hereti-Corp representative Gennaro and was offered the position of director of Research and Development at Hereti-Corp[3]. He was enthusiastic until he found out he would be working for Frog, and attempted to back out of the deal.

He eventually took the offer, after which he was assigned to develop a giant nanite, create a fireproof duck and implement overpowered jump-jets into the REA-1. Shankraft scoffed at the foolish assignments, until he realised that these had all been a training for building weaponized versions of the dimensional flux agiator[4]. However, after Schlock complained that the whole world appeared to have turned against him after a difficult year as the Herit-Corp CEO, Shankraft notes that the world will literally turn against them as soon as Schlock starts to use the D-F-A hand gun.[5] This is the first time that Shankraft have had any second thoughts about his actions.

Indeed, the parallel Shankraft in the Dimension of Rain rebeled against Schlock, but was killed by Harbinger for his treachery.[6]

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