Dr. Catherine Crabtree is a scientist of highly questionable ethics, sanity, and bodily composition. She was involved in a project to create nanites, tiny robots designed to exist in a person's bloodstream and report all personal information about them to a centralized database, using Kiki as her test-subject. When this failed (when the nanites would spread, they would kill their host), she seemingly put the project on hold. She then seemed to have increasingly experimented on herself with nanites, turning her into some form of cyborg. She was eventually destroyed by an EMP blast of Aylee's, shutting down all of her nanites and liquefying her. During the course of her appearance of the comics, she never was a major threat, but rather attempted sneaking up on Kiki and the others, only to have her plans thwarted before anyone noticed she was there. She appears mainly in On the Run. The only character who seems to be aware of Catherine existence apart from Kiki, Bun-bun and Schlock is Riff, thanks in not small part 'cause Bun-bun told him about the nanites' existence (and as a recurring gag, Riff would (claim to) use it to track down Schlock whenever he wanted, much to the latter's chagrin.). (Sam also swore to get revenge on, then later briefly met Dr. Crabtree, but we cannot expect him to remember "some chick" even if she did eat his brains.)

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