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One of Riff's earliest, and greatest, inventions, the Dimensional Flux Agitator was originally conceived in a plot by Riff to rid himself and Torg of Bun-bun. According to Riff, the DFA "opens rifts in random reality paths." This transports the target through that rift, and into an alternate reality. Plans for the DFA have a habit of falling apart rather quickly, however, resulting in several great adventures over the years. It is fairly complex and apparently it runs on a nuclear fuel source[1]. Dr. Schlock stole the designs in the chapter Aylee[2] and Hereti-Corp has produced a working DFA and auto-return remote[3].


Other Dimensions[]

  • There is an alternate version of Riff's DFA in the Dimension of Lame. It works far better than Riff-prime's variant, having a built-in auto-return feature[4] and a log of what dimensions it had recently accessed[5].
  • Another version of this device appears in the Dimension of Rain, in that dimension it is weaponized, with a large DFA cannon sitting atop of the Central Tower. This was used to flux out the rest of the world. The various security devices and REA squads all have miniature DFAs and DFAs are presumably found at the bottom of 4U City's judgment chutes.