The Demon King is the ruler and overlord of all realms overseen by the Dimension of Pain. He is a very large, very imposing figure made of something like living shadow, yet, oddly, wears pants and has organs like any carnal being. The Demon King founded the Dimension of Pain by defeating the Goddess of Goodness and sealing her away in a resealable plastic bag and placing it in the bottom of his freezer. [1]. See Torg Goes to Hell (chapter) for the backstory. The Demon King (usually) chooses the Demon Lords who rule the Dimension of Pain in his name; he has the ability to grant regular demons the requisite status of aristocracy, which turns them into larger, more "demonic" versions of themselves. He's a godlike figure to the demons and does not interact with them directly. His house rests on top of a large mountain of bones in the Elder Village, said to be the place where he fought the Goddess of Goodness. Aside from being absurdly large, his house looks like the average home found in suburbia, although his refrigerator — one of the kinds with the vertical doors — has the freezer section on the wrong side. He also keeps demonic newspapers nearby, which contain comic strips such as "Garfield burns IN HEL!" and "Cathy burns IN HEL!"

The Demon King was injured and scarred by Chaz the talking sword as Torg made his escape from the Dimension of Pain once and for all. According to Chaz, it would be relatively easy for a sword such as himself to kill an ethereal Demon King, and even coming in contact with the blade somewhat indirectly was enough to cause the injuries.

The Demon King first appeared on May 3, 1998.

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