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Day Jobs is the third story in chapter 35 of Sluggy Freelance, Magic Flap. Riff is threatened by his boss to be fired, but Riff counters that. Torg accidentally tricks Gwynn into doing the carpenting, but she tricks him right back. Riff receives a memo that he will be transformed into a gnome, but that turns out to be a mistake - he'll be transferred to Nome in Alaska. The sarcasm of Riff's boss at the belief that he could transform Riff into a gnome is lessened by the appearance of Grahammy, who leaves the company to join the Black Ops Elves. Kiki is distraught at the thought of leaving, and remains so when she learns that Riff wants to leave her behind. Bun-bun offers to mail her... At the airport, Torg is arrested as a terrorist due to a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Horribus learns that Crallax secretly led a drag show, just as DAMNED shows up to evaluate his application to rename the surface and make him the lord of that place. Unconvinced at Horribus' abilities, they want him to sacrifice the child-like demons that have just arrived, Mosp, Psyk, and Reakk. Reakk mentioning Uglacia prevents this for the time being and allows Horribus to find the Squeeky-bobo Ball with the Demon King.

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