The Cult of the Release is a cult centered around K'Z'K.

Officially, the cult is based on a scroll written by K'Z'K while time-travelling back to ancient Mohkadun in order to lay the groundwork for his eventual release. The organization intends to follow K'Z'K's instructions exactly to the letter, and thus is in conflict with the similar demonic organization the Cult of K'Z'K; the Cult of K'Z'K also wishes to release K'Z'K, but view him as a tool to be controlled, and as such want to do it on their own terms rather than following his instructions exactly.

In truth, both the Cult of the Release and the Cult of K'Z'K were both founded by the same mortal, Tombsy, with the intention of keeping the demons distracted with infighting so the mortal members of the organizations could grow in power and come to pull the strings[1]. Ultimately, the ruse ended up working too well, with the rivalry between Chilus and Skippy disrupting the plan to release K'Z'K and resulting in him being immediately re-imprisoned.

Known MembersEdit


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