The Cult of K'Z'K is a cult centered around K'Z'K. It was founded 50 years ago [1] by an ordinary mortal [2], but is now led by the demon Chilus. The cult contains both demon and mortal members.

After K'Z'K's defeat by Zoe, Chilus began to doubt the prophecy that he was "the End". Chilus decided that it doesn't necessarily have to be K'Z'K who ends the world, and is now pursuing that goal himself. As a result, the Cult of K'Z'K is now in opposition with the demons such as Skippy who are still trying to revive K'Z'K. Their rival organization is called the Cult of the Release.

In truth, the Cult of K'Z'K and the Cult of the Release were both founded by the same mortal, Tombsy, with the intention of keeping the demons distracted with infighting so the mortal members of the organizations could grow in power and come to pull the strings[1]

All of the members of the Cult of K'Z'K mark themselves with a tattoo of its symbol, which is based on the markings on K'Z'K's side.

Known MembersEdit


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