Crazy Carver is a Carib in Timeless Space who appears in Oceans Unmoving II[1].

Crazy Carver rules over a group of cardboard cutouts called "Teknokon City". He does, however, have real Teknokons who tend to him. Father Time once visited him and, for some unexplained reason, granted him a massive time aura that supposedly has unlimited time. He acquired plans for something that appeared to be Teknokon One from the Obsidian Teknokon, but when the Caribs tried it out, they ended up pulling Kada Jansen into Timeless Space. His acquiring the plans was supposedly what angered the Obsidian Teknokon; in fact, it was Bun-bun's taking control of the CPU-less robot. Calix finds him via Kada's map and uses his infinite timebubble to help free and recruit time-frozen individuals.


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