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Convergence is the fifth story in chapter 30 of Sluggy Freelance, Dangerous Days Ahead. Riff is about to head to the AyleeOrgNet.Com offices where his friends are held as he finds something interesting in Dr. Schlock's lair. Chen and Killum begin to torture Gwynn to get Torg to talk, but soon Riff's Mark 5 bursts into the offices, and Killum goes to deal with it via an EMP. The robot deactivates and opens, revealing Oasis, who goes on a rampage. The EMP also freed Torg, and in a scuffle, he and Gwynn escape from Chen. Bun-bun is about to free Bert and Sasha as he is attacked and badly wounded by Aylee and saved by Dr. Schlock, who proceeds to free the other hostages. Torg runs back into the fray with his sword and several weapons, and accidentally shoots Riff, who proceeds to take weapons away from Torg. Killum has boarded a robot and destroyed the Mark 5, but is killed when Gwynn rams Riff's truck, loaded with explosives, into him. Gwynn escapes in time. The remaining Hereti-Corp agents surrender, but the Aylee attacks. Torg finds a remote and assumes Riff wired the complex to blow up. Aylee takes out everyone except Torg, killing Oasis in the process, and taunts Torg. He uses the remote to no apparent effect... until a small, fiery dragonlike creature appears calling itself the real Aylee and the huge monster a clone. As the three battle, the clone almost kills Aylee, but Torg decapitates the clone. He and Dr. Schlock get the wounded to safety, as Chen has activated the complex's self-destruct.

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