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Riff and Torg wait on the wrong line for a Playstayshun3. Torg sells his car to pay for it, but quickly realizes they're too far from home. He sells the Playstayshun3 to get a new car and a Hogtendo SuuWii. They make it home, but the Hereti-Corp logo on Torg's House of Cheese shirt makes Gwynn angry, so Torg distracts her with leftover pizza.

Meanwhile, Gwynn has been playing tennis on the SuuWii with the controller in her pants. Bun-bun tells a doctor about his problems. The doctor turns out to be Kiki, and Bun-bun has been wearing earplugs. Bun-bun plans mischief against Santa.

Zoë was headed home to Nebraska for Christmas, but has to stay and do her radio show instead, upsetting her mother. Kiki has been chewing on a sugar-coated blue pen and rolling around in Torg's apple pie. Zoe's sister Min calls the station and chews her out. Bun-bun loads Kiki in a "ferret bazooka" and gives her a Pixie Stick as he aims at a reindeer-drawn sleigh against the moon...

Kiki lands in Santa's toy bag, tossing toys overboard. Zoe comes home to an empty house, but Torg comes in a few moments later with her gift.

The last week of this story also includes the last installment of Clay Yount's Bikini Suicide Frisbee Days.

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