Christmas Week
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Christmas Week is the sixth story in chapter 3 of Sluggy Freelance, Holiday Seasons. Santa Claus prepares for delivering presents, and packs a gun for a certain rabbit. As it turns out the two fight an ongoing war, which this year remains without casualties thanks to faulty wiring on Bun-bun's bomb on Santa's sled. But there'll be other Christmases.

Torg forgot his Christmas shopping, and must brave the mall. Luckily, he makes it out alive before it explodes. Zoë gifts cheese to Riff, and he a subscription to Hefty Hooters magazine to her. Both think the gift they've given is better. Sam is regifted a #1 Stud mug from Riff, but thinks it is from Zoë. Riff and Torg give each other their "consistent beer every year" and drink it immediately. Only Riff got Torg hot-sauce... Zoë first thinks her gift from Torg is a thin Buddha statue, but it turns out it's the new Barbie.

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