A wasp-like [demon]. S/He began a cult based around K'Z'K fifty years ago, including several human members (who have the cult's symbol tattooed on them), but now believes the end of the world is his own task. Chilus possessed and subverted key elements of Clongressive, LLC and engineered the brain-bug "accident." It was his intention that the bugs would escape into the world and turn humanity into an army of antisocial geeks. He had intended Zoë, the legendary Storm Breaker, to be among his first victims. After his plot failed, he managed to escape the building by possessing Meander, sister of Clonegressive's head. Skippy is very angry with him for allowing Zoë to re-enter the equation, and it appears the two have had conflicts before, particularly since Chilus doubts that K'Z'K will return. Incidentally, Chilus is the only demon who has changed host bodies.

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