Chestro is a supervillain and the wife of weapons kingpin Crushestro.


Chestro is very physically similar to Crushestro, she has the same kind of skin as he does. Whether she's related to him or had it done to herself to be like him is not known. She also shares his temper and may be even more powerful than her husband, as she beat him up with a golf club mercilessly when she found him on Shankraft's Island with Monicruel[1]. This is reinforced by the fact that Crushestro's own agents seem to fear/respect her more than him[2]. When Crushestro vanished he was filing for a divorce from her over spousal abuse. During his absence she had this annulled and changed his hometown's name to "Crushelvania". However she didn't even bother to come get him for six months (ostensibly because she was getting a bikini wax and her skin made it last for months) They left the island after some confusion and went home. Papa Rattzy later published a story on the couple's marital woes.


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