Marcus Chen was a high-ranking member of Hereti-Corp. Chen developed the Kusari project. He spent most of his time attempting to retrieve Oasis, before a failed plan that resulted in Kusari's death got that project cancelled. He was briefly reassigned to the Aylee project, but sabotaged it by "accidentally" letting Gwynn see Cloney kill an employee. He briefly became CEO of Hereti-Corp, but only to take the fall for Daedalus and the others when the company was exposed to the world.

Chen reappeared as a prisoner of Dr. Schlock. Luring Dr. Schlock to formally reinstate him into Hereti-Corp, Chen immidiately used his regained powers as CEO to order Kusari on a rampage, targeting Dr. Schlock and all employees.

This plot eventually failed, as Dr. Schlock entrenched himself in an emergency room, held a pro-forma board meeting and installed himself as CEO, regaining control of Kusari.

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