Chau Down
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Chau Down is the fifth story in chapter 24 of Sluggy Freelance, GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos. Lord Grater, Torg, and Bun-bun battle against the natives of Chau-5, not that these natives eat people, to free Riff and Princess-Princess. With them freed, GOFOTRON appears, and the gang are already lauded as heroes when Lodoze spots Bun-bun and starts an all-out battle. In the midst of this, Bun-bun and Lord Grater commandeer a ship and pick up the rest of the gang. Princess-Princess, who isn't interested in going back to Team GOFOTRON joins them. Zorgon Gola sets his plan in motion to send a puppy imbued with the powers of a cascade missile towards a sun. This would destroy the entire Punyverse if GOFOTRON doesn't act. Unfortunately for Gola's plan, the ship Bun-bun captured is a part of GOFOTRON, Lodoze's ship, so GOFOTRON cannot fully form. Zorgon Gola pursues the ship.

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