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The key characters of Sluggy live together in a house. While often separated from each other during storylines, they usually live together and have become sort of a family to each other.










Aylee in two forms




Kiki the ferret

  • Torg spent a long time as a freelance web-designer, but now works as an advertising "genius", much to the frustration of his immediate superior. He is a master of puns and the character with the most appearances in the comic.
  • Riff is a genius-level inventor, and Torg's best friend. His dimensional travelling device (DFA) has initiated many storylines. Riff's one true love is the production and application of explosives and heavy weaponry.
  • Zoe is the sanest of the characters, half-Korean and unlucky. She has become cursed with a necklace that turns her into a camel when activated by the word "shupid". She is in love with Torg, a feeling that is reciprocated but not yet acted upon.
  • Gwynn is Zoe's best friend and housemate to the other characters. She was once possessed by a demon, K'Z'K. She is blind as a bat without her glasses, prone to violent anger, and still practices dangerous magic.
  • Aylee is an alien who changes forms to suit her environment several times in the story. She has a habit of eating humans, but not all of her forms are carnivorous.
  • Bun-bun was supposed to be the series' "cute talking animal". Instead of cute, he does violence and extortion very well indeed, often taking on the toughest characters in the Sluggy universe.
  • Kiki is the pet of Riff, though originally owned by Sam. She takes a great delight in life, and has a very short attention span.

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Dr. Irving Schlock


Sam Sein



  • Oasis is a deadly super-assassin, who has been mentally programmed to love Torg and kill Hereti-Corp employees. Her nature and abilities are still a mystery.
  • Dr. Schlock is a professor who came from a future in which the demon K'Z'K had overtaken the world. He is a master of inflatable technology.
  • Sam thinks he is a ladies man, but the ladies do not think so. He ends up as a rather dorky creature of the night. His favorite one-liner: "Sam's da man!"
  • Sasha is Riff's ex-girlfriend. A pleasant character, with good technical skills. A weird girl.

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The "Torg Potter" story arcs take place on Hoggelrynth, where Torg mingle with students and tutors of magic, while being consistently confused for Torg Potter the lastnameless one.

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The so-called "Dimension of Lame" is a place of tranquility and quiet. The "lame" part is that everyone eats only ricecakes and drinks only spring water (alcohol is unknown); this is not to the liking of some dimensional travellers (beyond just our Riff and Torg). It is a parallel dimension to Sluggy Prime, where many of the series' main characters appear in overly-innocent and -nice versions.

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