Calix is an native-born inhabitant of Timeless Space. Abducted by Bun-Bun and the crew of the Bloody Bun, he served as Bun-Bun's first mate until he could rescue the other inhabitants of his village. During his adventures, he met and fell in love with Kada Jansen, but learned that Admiral John Jacobs' armada had killed or enslaved most of his village.

He eventually rebelled against Bun-Bun and freed the captive villagers taken on board the Bloody Bun. Still, the villagers sentenced him to walk the plank for his perceived betrayal of the village. He escaped when Lady Noga attacked, and fled to the site of Teknokon One at Kada's urging. Lady Noga ambushed them there, killed Stu, nearly killed Kada, and stole Teknokon One. After this, Calix became harder and more savagely protective.

He began a fight against John Jacobs' road to conquest. He slowly gathered allies and ships and formed the fleet known as the Drowned Rabbits, of which he is admiral. With Kada, the remaining grey aliens, and his other allies, he has begun a struggle that will only end "when right and wrong matter again."

Leaf People Edit

Calix's people, called the "leaf people" by the crew of the Bloody Bun, seem to be ancient Romans or Greeks. They are polytheistic, wear leaves, and are skilled warriors. In the words of a crew member, the leaf people "ain't a village of farmers; 'tis a village of warriors who farm." The village was sent to Timeless Space by an offended sorceress at least two generations before Calix was born. Though now destroyed and abandoned, the village had been the largest ever seen by the crew of the Bloody Bun.

Young men of the village had to undergo a "trial of manhood," in which they were sent outside the village's time bubble to await a sign from the gods. Since there wasn't much outside the village, the "signs" were likely trivial demonstrations of the properties of Timeless Space. In Calix's trial, he brought back the Bloody Bun.

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