Bun-bun Marooned!
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Bun-bun Marooned! is the fourth story in chapter 7 of Sluggy Freelance, Summer Vacation. After Torg's unthinking jump to save Jaya and Kiki, Zoë has a moment of attraction, but Torg ruins it by wanting to call Valerie. Kiki mourns for Bun-bun, who is lost at sea. Bun-bun begins to have hallucinations about Kiki and Jaya haunting him, and is cheered up by them. He accidentally destroys his rubber raft, eats a shark and a fish shortly afterwards, and gets stranded on an island with a pothead who turned his flare gun into a bong. Back home, Torg has trouble to cope with the loss of Bun-bun, Aylee being in a cocoon, his feelings for Valerie, his fear of Sam, and his business, snaps, and believes he is Torgo of the Jungle.

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