Alt bunbun

The alternate version of Bun-bun found in the Dimension of Lame, known as Alt-Bun-bun on the Sluggy forums. He is physically identical to Bun-bun, except that his coloration is reversed (grey with white spots instead of white with grey spots). Alt-Bun-bun is polite, kind, altruistic, and a complete pacifist; in other words he is the polar opposite of Bun-bun.

Torg first meets Alt-Bun-bun in the "It's the Wrong Torg, Grommit!" storyline. Despite Alt-Riff's and Alt-Zoë's insistence on keeping Torg in the Dimension of Lame, Alt-Bun-bun offers to send him home. Later, during the "That Which Redeems" storyline, when demons from the Dimension of Pain invade the Dimension of Lame, Alt-Bun-bun finds Torg and brings him back to help fight off the demons. While he abhors violence, it seems that he is not as horrified by it as many of the other natives to the Dimension of Lame. When Torg is saying goodbye to Alt-Bun-bun, he describes him as the only person in that dimension who has always been "straight up" with him[1].


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