Bun-bun's Glock is one of Bun-bun's favorite weapons, the other being Bun-bun's Switchblade.

The Glock is matte black in color. It has some features which are not commonly distinctive of Glocks, such as an exposed hammer [1], which has led some to comment that it bears more resemblence to a Browning or 1911. However, Bun-bun calls it a Glock. Are you going to correct him? To his face?

Bun-bun is capable of concealing his Glock on his body despite having no apparent means of carrying it [2]. Because of its large size compared to his own, Bun-bun carries it by gripping the trigger guard rather than the handle [3].

Bun-bun's Glock first appeared on November 9, 1997.

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